Promoting inclusivity is ingrained in every aspect of Projeto Morrinho. Whether we are guiding tours, teaching art classes, partnering with local movers and shakers, or producing media, Morrinho is spreading a message of love, creativity, and peace. 

Morrinho challenges negative perceptions of Brazil's Favelas and highlights the ingenuity, positivity, and culture of these spaces. 



You can find mini-installations throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro. We have adopted the phrase "we traffic art" because we wish to spread the positive energy that is manifested through creation. 

We work with many different groups of people, hosting workshops and building up Morrinho.

Our art is shared, it represents the power of collaboration. 

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Projeto Morrinho is a space that promotes community education and language learning. We partner with the youth of the community and local schools to share our story and our creative process with the next generation. 

We believe that sharing our experience and the creative education ingrained in the act of play is a way to improve the future of our community. 



Projeto Morrinho was built from the reality of the favelas in Rio. We believe that highlighting the cultural production and the social enterprises of our community will lead to a brighter future. 

By running a grassroots tour collective, we are able to share our story and our community with those who wish to explore the richness of Rio de Janeiro. 



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