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Academics, news media, and art critics alike have written about Projeto Morrinho. The space has enchanted people from all over the world. Read what they have to say about the revolutionary elements of this organization. 


TV Morrinho Ebook

Read this collection of academic and critical writing that dives into the themes of Projeto Morrinho. Learn about the unique cinematography and poeticism evident in TV Morrinho's Productions.

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The New School Collaboratory

Maya Mehta, M.A. in International Affairs analyses the practices of NGO Projeto Morrinho. The New School Collaboratory highlights her piece here. 


Postcards from Rio: Favelas and the Contested Geographies of Citizenship

In this book, Katia da Costa Barrera talks about the social divide that exists within the city of Rio de Janeiro. An analysis of history, geography, and politics.

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