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For 21 years, Project Morrinho tells a story of community, authenticity and respect. Started in 1998 by two brothers in Pereira da Silva, this cultural space beautifully articulates the geography in which it was formed. A collection of thousands of broken and painted bricks forms different streets and neighborhoods, all at home to a diverse population of personalities. What began holistically as a manifestation of the right to play has turned into an artistic revolution. Today, Morrinho is a collective and cultural community space that unites creativity, tourism, education and activism.

Communities Against COVID-19

Projeto Morrinho together with the Residents Association of the Communities of Santa Teresa are taking steps to take care of people living in poor communities and the favelas. Here many residents work independently, living hand-to-mouth from odd jobs and informal work with no fixed income. 


We are calling out as a collective to ask for your help or collaboration in a campaign to get basic necessities - personal hygiene products and non-perishable food - so that we can put together a basic kit and distribute it to those who are in need and have no income at the moment. 


Some of you have visited our Projeto Morrinho first hand, and we hope that your happy memories of Rio will be a comfort to you at this time. We know that many of you of also are facing difficult times in your own country, but for us here even a small donation of 5 Euros or Dollars will go along way to get basic necessities. 


Please note that all purchases will be registered and photographed so that we can send it to those who are supporting us, so that they know that their donations are going directly to those in need in the communities.


We are counting on your support, and if you could share this appeal with your friends and family, we would be eternally grateful. 


Together we are Stronger - Thank You, Obrigada, Merci, Danke Schon, Gracias, Grazie and Dhanyavad!


Here are our contact details:


Cirlan Oliveira: Executive Director, Projeto Morrinho 

Contact : +55 21 983086298  


Kelly Martins :  President of the Residents Association and Supervisor of the Pereira da Silva and Surrounding Communities. 

Contact : +55 21 964886581 




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